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A Statewide Initiative to Improve the Delivery of Healthcare

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Our DSRIP Performing Provider System (PPS)

The WMCHealth Performing Provider System (WMCHealth PPS) was established to participate in New York State's Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program.  

The Center for Regional Healthcare Innovation is the WMCHealth Network's project management organization that will work with health care service providers of all kinds across the PPS to deliver on the goals set out for each DSRIP project we have selected.  DSRIP's overarching objective is a 25 percent reduction of emergency room visits among Medicaid beneficiaries over a 5 year period.  Additionally, our PPS will create an integrated health care delivery system that is based on carefully planned and delivered clinical and social programs that will help patients and consumers better manage complex illness.  

Through collaboration and participation in the New York State DSRIP program, WMCHealth PPS intends to improve the long-term health and wellness of Medicaid and uninsured populations in New York's Hudson Valley.

Click here to visit the WMCHealth PPS page on New York State Department of Health's DSRIP portal.

PPS formation  

In summer 2014, the Center for Regional Healthcare Innovation applied to New York State to receive funding for Performing Provider System (PPS) planning.  We received funding and became the lead agency of a PPS participating in the eight counties of New York's Hudson Valley.  Our PPS includes healthcare services organizations, community-based providers and local government unit (LGU) affiliates. 

Community Needs Assessment (CNA)

As part of DSRIP participation, each PPS must complete an assessment of community needs in the geographic region they will provide services.   Information about our community needs assessment can be found here

DSRIP project selection

Each DSRIP project we have selected includes common objectives that will contribute to the transformation of the Medicaid program in New York State. Partners in our PPS will collaborate to:

  • Create an integrated healthcare delivery system;
  • Reduce repeat hospitalizations;
  • Establish disease management and illness-prevention programs;
  • Improve access to health and wellness services;
  • Engage communities to promote healthy lifestyles.

Click here to see our DSRIP project selection.