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The WMCHealth PPS will try its best to respond quickly to your questions and concerns. Please check below for topics you might want to submit a question or concern about. If we haven't listed your specific area of interst or concern, please submit your query via the General Question(s) link.  

Behavioral Health Services Integration + Behavioral Health Crisis Stablization
The integration of behavioral health services in our DSRIP activities will be very important.  With questions or inqiuries about how the WMCHealth PPS will involve behavioral health and improve crisis stablization services across the network, click here.

Budget | Contracts | Finance  
If you are a WMCHealth PPS partner with a question or concern about a contract, payment for participation, or for general questions about DSRIP budgets and funds flow, click here.

Community Needs Assessment | Population Health Management
To learn more about how the community needs assessment impacts project implementation, or to learn how our PPS plans to improve population health across the Hudson Valley through DSRIP participation, click here.

Communications | Marketing
For editorial questions, background information or press inquiries, click here.

The compliance program enables and provides for open lines of communication between the compliance officer and the PPS compliance liaisons and encourages individuals to report concerns related to potential or actual violations of the compliance manual, DSRIP Master Services Agreement, potential fraud, waste or abuse, or applicable law or regulation. To contact our compliance officer. click here.

Cultural Competence | Health Literacy
To learn more about our cultural competence and health literacy efforts and how they will impact DSRIP participation and population health, click here.  To visit our cultural competence and health literacy page, click here.

DSRIP Projects | Clinical Integration
To learn more about WMCHealth PPS' DSRIP project selection, click here.  
To have someone contact you regarding a specific question or inquiry related to our DSRIP project selection and implementation, click here.

General Questions
For general questions, click here.

Governance | Committees
To learn more about WMCHealth PPS governance, the various committees and how they impact decision-making, click here

Information Technology (IT) Systems | Integrated Delivery System (IDS) | Data Analytics

For questions about how IT will impact DSRIP participation, the creation of an integrated delivery system and/or data analytics, click here.

Network Relations
If you are a WMCHealth PPS partner with questions about participating in our network, or with general questions about how providers and partners will work together across our DSRIP PPS click here.

Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH)
Many providers in our network will need to be Level 3 PCMH compliant before the end of the 5-year DSRIP period. The WMCHealth PPS is currently engaging network partners about resource needs related to PCMH certification.  To reach someone in our project management office about PCMH, click here.

PPS Operations
For questions or inquiries about WMCHealth PPS operations, click here.

Workforce Training and Education
If you have questions about how the workforce across our PPS will be affected by DSRIP, click here. 

WMCHealth PPS Network Participation 
For partners in Delaware, Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan, Ulster and Westchester counties with network-participation-related inquiries, organization contact information updates or staffing changes, click here