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Value-Based Payment (VBP) Reform

Click here, to visit New York State Department of Health's VBP page for a complete listing of resources including videos, Value Based Payment (VBP) University and the State's VBP Roadmap which was approved by CMS. Below is a short listing of some of the VBP-related resources you can find on the State's website:

VBP Glossary 
DSRIP Value-based Payment (VBP) Library (link)
Value Based Payment White Board Video 
VBP for Providers  | Pago basado en valor para proveedores 

Partner Participation | Committee Membership 

WMCHealth PPS Network Partner DSRIP Project Contact Form 

Please click the register button above to complete our network parter DSRIP project contact form. This electronic form will allow WMCHealth PPS network partners to indicate the most appropriate person at their organization to contact regarding deliverables, goals and milestones for each DSRIP project.  If you're not sure which projects you will partner with us on, you can also use this form to indicate the most ideal person to contact for projects you're interested in--or to indicate the general DSRIP contact at your organization.

WMCHealth PPS Project Advisory Quality Committee Participation 

WMCHealth PPS network partners are encouraged to participate in committees and workgroups.  Click the 'Register' button above to complete our Project Advisory Quality Committee join form.

WMCHealth PPS Compliance

WMCHealth PPS Compliance Manual 

WMCHealth PPS Code of Conduct Booklet

Compliance Help-Line: The WMC PPS Compliance Help-Line is a 24-hour, toll-free confidential helpline that allows for confidential and anonymous reporting. However, the WMC PPS Compliance Help-Line is not intended to replace existing channels for handling employee grievance issues or questions. The focus of the Help-Line is to facilitate reporting of DSRIP Program-related noncompliance, fraud, waste, or abuse.

Compliance Help-Line flyer 

Contact our Compliance Officer 

New York State Department of Health DSRIP Resources

New York State Department of Health DSRIP Whiteboard-DSRIP: Looking Ahead to 2017

New York State Department of Health DSRIP Whiteboard-An Eye toward the Future

DSRIP Frequently Asked Questions DSRIP Glossary

DSRIP Value Based Payment Reform (VBP)


VBP tutorial 
NYS-DOH DSRIP home page Medicaid Redesign Team

If you have any questions or concerns about the contents on this page email us at crhi@wmchealth.org