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Download the complete WMCHealth PPS Implementation Plan submitted to New York State 

Download the WMCHealth PPS DSRIP Project Implementation Guide 

Download the WMCHealth PPS DSRIP Project Selection documentation requirements

Below is a list of the individual projects we have chosen. Click the icon or PDF button to download the individual project selection file.   

2.a.i: Create Integrated Delivery System focused on evidence-based medicine. 
2.a.iii: Health Home At-Risk Intervention Program-improve access to high quality primary care and support for higher risk patients. 
2.a.iv: Create Medical Village-using existing hospital infrastructure. 
2.b.iv: Post Hospital Care Transitions-to reduce 30-day readmissions.  
2.d.i: Patient Activation-integrate uninsured and low or non-utilizing Medicaid populations into community-based care. 
3.a.i: Integration of Primary Care and Behavioral Health Services. 
3.a.ii: Behavioral Health Community-Crisis Stabilization services.  
3.c.i: Diabetes Management:evidence-based disease management for high-risk populations. 
3.d.iii: Asthma Care Management: implement evidence-based guidelines for asthma management. 
4.b.i: Tobacco Cessation-promote tobacco use cessation, especially among low socioeconomic populations and those with poor mental health.  
4.b.ii: Cancer Screening-increase access to high-quality disease preventive care and management in clinical and community settings.  


We'd love to hear your thoughts about our DSRIP Project selection. Click the icon to send us an email, or send it to crhi@wmchealth.org