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The resources below can be found on New York State Department of Health’s (NYSDOH) DSRIP Value Based Payment (VBP) website. WMCHealth PPS partners are encouraged to make use of this information to improve their understanding of VBP reform as DSRIP efforts move into the pay-for-performance phase.  

New York State Department of Health Value Based Payment Reform Information

New York State Department of Health Value Based Reform (link)

VBP University (link). Test your knowledge and understanding of VBP in this NYSDOH-developed online learning resource.

VBP Glossary 

DSRIP-Value Based Payment (VBP) Resource Library (link)

Value Based Payment Reform in New York State: A Proposal to align Medicare and Medicaid Reform (link)

A Path toward Value Based Payment: Annual Update (link)

NYSDOH Value Based Payment Reform Videos

Value Based Payment White Board Video outlining the five themes related to Medicaid reform. 

VBP Introduction

VBP Introduccion

VBP for Providers

Pago basado en valor para proveedores

WMCHealth PPS Value Based Payment Resource for Community Based Providers and Organizations

Leveraging Opportunities in Healthcare Delivery System and Payment Reform.

This information is accessible on the WMCHealth PPS online learning management system and provides information on how community-based providers and organizations can successfully participate and deliver health care services that are value-based. The information is broken into sections that cover:

  1. Healthcare Delivery System and Payment Reform
  2. A Focus on Value: Community-based Providers' Contributions to Outcomes
  3. Transitioning to New Payment Models: Costs of Services, Revenue Options and Potential Risks
  4. Adding Value through Strategic Relationships: Alignment and Integration Strategies
  5. Value Propositions to Participate in Healthcare Delivery System and Payment Reform