Compliance Helpline

WMCHealth PPS Compliance Helpline

The Compliance Program enables and provides for open lines of communication between the Compliance Officer and the PPS Compliance Liaisons and encourages individuals to report concerns related to potential or actual violations of the Compliance Manual, the DSRIP Master Services Agreement, potential fraud, waste or abuse, or applicable law or regulation. 

Representatives may report DSRIP Program related compliance issues or concerns to their WMC PPS Compliance Liaison or to the Compliance Officer through the WMC PPS Compliance Help-Line. Each WMC PPS Compliance Liaison is required to publicize the WMC PPS Compliance Help-Line to its Representatives in the same manner in which the PPS Provider publicizes its own compliance program contact information. Such publication shall include, without limitation, posting the Compliance Help-Line in new Representative orientation materials, on any corporate intranet site, and in communal locations such as lunchrooms, waiting areas, and hallways. The WMC PPS Compliance Help-Line is a 24-hour, toll-free confidential helpline that allows for confidential and anonymous reporting. However, the WMC PPS Compliance Help-Line is not intended to replace existing channels for handling employee grievance issues or questions. The focus of the Help-Line is to facilitate reporting of DSRIP Program-related noncompliance, fraud, waste, or abuse.

Download the Compliance Helpline Flyer